Stuff that matters

With no fourth preseason game, NFL players get an unexpected mini-bye this weekend. In L.A., the coaching staff will be taking a little break, too, before the grind gets going.

Coach Sean McVay told reporters on Thursday that his coaches will have some time off before preparations commence for Week One against the Bears.

“I think it is important,” McVay said regarding time off for the staff. “We’ll work a little bit tomorrow morning and then we’ll have the weekend off. Now, guys will kind of do some stuff on their own. But [I] think it is important, especially once you get ready to start this season, that they get their time with their families because during the season, it takes a lot of sacrifice for the families — for the wives, for the kids — and so that is something that doesn’t go lost on me.”

It’s a smart approach, especially since it’s easy to get caught up in the knowledge that most other coaches will be grinding and grinding and grinding, searching for every possible edge and spending every waking moment looking for flaws in the opponent and weaknesses in their own team and if you think about it enough, it’s east to understand why some coaches spend every waking moment working, along with several nights each week sleeping in the office.

The challenge is to find some balance. McVay, to his credit, is doing that. It could serve him well at a time when other coaching staffs that have been going non-stop begin to wear down.