Stuff that matters

Users generally switch up the desktop wallpaper to customize the appearance of Windows but did you know that there are a multitude of ways to transform the operating system, using Windows’ own settings or other third-party utilities. Following are some tweaks and changes you could do for Windows customization.

New desktop picture every day

Microsoft does a great job with photo backdrops for its Bing search engine that covers a wide range of natural shots of wildlife and landscapes. One can also get these images via the free Bing Wallpaper app that gives you the option of changing the wallpaper with new images every day.

Dynamic wallpaper

The WinDynamicDesktop gives Microsoft’s OS a similar sort of dynamic wallpaper support like the macOS. One can even port pictures bundled with Big Sur and Mojave. It also lets you use sunrise and sunset times of a specific location and custom timings as per preference.

Icon and Menu customization

The Winaero Tweaker pack comes with a host of customization options and tweaks for Windows. You can also find options for adjusting the appearance of window title bars, changing the speed of animations, switching out the default fonts Windows uses, and more.

Skin the desktop

Rainmeter is a free Windows skinning tool that lets you change almost every aspect of the interface, from the desktop wallpaper to the taskbar. It also gets support for floating toolbars, alternative clocks and desktop widgets. It is easy to use and comes with built-in tutorials.

Change Start menu size

Did you know you could actually change the look and size of the Start menu that you open everyday. Simply open the Start menu and click and drag the edges to change size. For accessing more options for the Start menu open the Settings panel and select Personalization and Start.

Hide or move the taskbar

The taskbar is not as fixed as it may look on your desktop. You could right-click on the blank part and choose Taskbar settings followed with which you could use the Taskbar location on-screen drop-down to move it to the right, left or on the top of the screen. One can also change the size of the taskbar buttons using the screen.