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“Neglected” pensioners have been left with no hot water and lighting at flats owned by one of the biggest housing associations in the UK

The Rowan Lodge residents, live in 31 flats owned by Sanctuary Housing, one of the largest association’s in the country.

They claim they are facing a catalogue of issues from peeling wallpaper from a leak, rain coming through the living room ceiling which smells of mould, communal lighting not working, and only one working tumble dryer between all 31 flats.

Elizabeth Brodie, 78, has lived at the property in Hull, North Humberside, for four years and is fed of of feeling “neglected”.

She said: “The lights in one of the communal area have been out for ages, there’s no hot water in the communal bathrooms, and we all use the dryers in the laundry room but there’s only one working which we all have to share. We’ve been told to use the washing line but it’s winter soon and the oldest person is 87 and can’t even reach it.

“Wallpaper is peeling off in the lounge. It’s really bad.

“We feel very neglected.”

Residents, who must be at least 65 to live there, complained about the state of their flats in 2017, after being left without heating on Christmas Day.

Hull Live reported how a malfunctioning boiler broke on December 8 , 2017, before it was fixed by Sanctuary Housing a week later.

However, it broke again just two hours after being fixed with the housing association not coming out to repair it again until December 20. It then broke for a third time two days later leaving the tenants without heating in communal areas on Christmas Day.

Marilyn Whincup, 67, said about the communal living room: “It’s disgusting and it’s been like this for two years.

Every time it rains it comes through the ceiling and sometimes we are frightened to turn the lights on.

“When we have bingo and Christmas parties in the living room this isn’t nice for visitors to come and see, and if anyone sits there all they can smell is mould and damp. It’s just not nice for us.”

She added: “In the laundry room there’s one dryer between 30 flats and that’s been promised to be mended for over three months and nothing has been done.

“We are fed up of it.”

A spokeswoman for Sanctuary Housing, a not-for-profit housing association which manages 105,000 homes, said the communal lights were fixed on July 5 – three days after the issue was reported.

She said the housing association had been banned from carrying out non-urgent internal repairs during lockdown by the government, which had also caused a backlog.

The spokeswoman said: “All 31 flats in Rowan Lodge have a private bathroom with hot water. A part has been ordered to fix the shared boiler affecting two communal bathrooms, but – like the bathroom in each flat – the hot water in the third communal bathroom continues to work perfectly.

“Residents also have a working tumble dryer and, as it’s summer, can dry clothes outside. Our scheme manager is there to help residents, on site most days and unaware of anyone struggling with laundry. The broken dryer will also be fixed as soon as the part becomes available.”